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Coming soon to Kamelah Tobacco House Near You
The La Liga Privada is by no means new to cigar aficionados around the world. With  “Hecho Exclusivamente Para El Jefe” printed on its band it lietrally translate into "Made Especially for Boss".
Under the wings of Drew Estates company with a unique approach to cigars. With the appearance of dark chocolate on the wrapper. It also sports an oily sheen to it and feels oily in the hand with some veins showing which are not to be concerned.
With Connecticut Broadleaf Ligero Oscuro wrapper this cigar is filled with Honduran/Dominican tobacco leafs. The wrapper had a subtle sweet smell with a hint of grass. The foot also had a subtle sweet smell to it. The scent of the wrapper was definitely more noticeable than the foot of the cigar.
The pre-light draw had a very nice chocolate/coffee taste. The cigar also featured a very easy draw even for a 52 ring gauge and a fairly packed cigar. The taste to the tongue was salty and slightly spicy. After lighting the cigar, and letting it come to a nice temperature, a whole slew of flavors just were noticeable. Leather, cacao, and a variety of spices coated the mouth. A smoke had a very nice and creamy feel to it.
After lighting the cigar, the first draw was spicy and peppery. This was the feeling through the first half although leathery notes were picked up towards the middle of the cigar. About an inch into the cigar, a touch of a sweet taste similar to a sweet dinner roll became apparent.
The second half of the cigar featured roasted nuts and outstanding tobacco notes. I was expecting to get a nice nicotine kick out of this cigar, but I never did. The flavors were very enjoyable.
Towards the end of the smoke, a slight bitterness started to overcome all of the great flavors, but it was still a great smoking experience. Look forward to find it in outlets near you!